Supra 850 Refrigeration Units


  • Battery
  • Battery box
  • 75 l, 90 l or 200 l fuel tank
  • Automatic phase reverser
  • Oil filter bypass
  • Oil drain extension
  • Control panel extension cable
  • Supply air sensor
  • Door switch
  • Waterproof box for cab command
  • DataCOLD 100, 250 or 500


Developed for distribution envoironments with multiple doors openings, rely on the high performance of the Supra range in your challenging operation.

Superior Performance

The Supra range achieves superior pulldown and accurate temperature control at all set points. This performance is supported by a large range of evaporators with electric fans providing constant airflow independent of engine speed. Available in multi-temperature throughout the range, Supra offers enhanced load protection for all truck applications.

High Capacity

Extended with three capacity models, the Supra range is available up to : 12,000 watts. New fans increase airflow by 15% for quick temperature recovery and improved air management. The use of 7 mm condenser and smaller compressor improve the units efficiency thanks to lower fuel consumption per Watt delivered.

Robust Design

Building on hundreds of thousands of operation hours, Supra demonstrates a robust design both for aesthetics (strong composite material) and components (easy start) to extand the units lifetime and reduce downtime. Strong Composite Material Easy Start. Maintainance time is also optimised thats to easy accessibility.

Integrating In Your Working Environment

Tell us your needs, choose your unit: 5 Standard units for volumes from 30 > 90m multi-temperature available throughout the range, nosemount, undermount, swap bodies units, silent and extreme climates versions. The Supra range offers extreme flexibility to ensure you have right unit for your operation. The silent version (X Model) drastically reduce the noise levels to blend in your distribution area.