Vector 1350 Refrigeration Units

Light & Simple

  • Easy To Maintain
    With proven technology, widely available parts and easy access to components, your fleet can be quickly and easily maintaned.
  • Simple To Use
    The new cabin-like display is user-friendly.
  • Light Weight
    At just 645 kg, the Vector 1350 unit is ONE THE LIGHTEST UNITS IN ITS CLASS. It saves fuel by reducing the load on the truck while increasing payload.


For every mission, there is a Vector.


Your mission requires you to maintain a constant temperature over a long distance with maximum payload and minimum downtime?


The Vector 1350 unit combines the simplicity of belt-driven technology with the efficiency of patented electric technology. Designed for effortless long haul transportation with an optimized capacity of 12700 Watts, the Vector 1350 unit is also available in Stand-by version.


The engine drives both a compressor and a generator to power the ventilation system. Electrical fans reduce the number of belts significantly improving the reliability while optimized capacity enabled downsized 1, 1L engine, enhieving significant fuel savings.