Xarios 150 / 200 Refrigeration Units

Modular range for vans and medium-sized refrigerated vehicles

  • Road compressor
  • Road compressor mounting kit
  • Drain water heater for deep frozen application
  • Extension connection set for flexible evaporator positioning
  • Door switch for doors openings
  • Condenser roof mount accessories for Xarios 150 to 350MT
  • Voltage reducer 24 Vdc for trucks


Cold Chain Respect

Featuring R404A refrigerant, Xarios offers a large range of capacities covering temperatures from -20°C to +30°C. Supported by an extensive lineup of ultra-slim evaporators, including the MXV 850 vertical evaporator, multi-temperature configurations are widely available for multi-product deliveries.

Optimised Cost Of Use

Balancing performance and cost of operation, the Xarios range offers simple and rapid installation, light weight evaporators to optimise load space and enhanced accessibility for reduced maintenance time.

Driver's Comfort

To limit the impact on the community and improve the driver's comfort, the Xarios range shows low noise levels. Eventually, the cab command is easy to operate and enables an automatic selection of road or road and standby mode.The units's condensers and evaporator skins are fully recyclable.