Vector 1550 Refrigeration Units

Versatile & Economical

E-Drive technology removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven technology by transforming engine power into electricity.

  • Fuel Efficient
    While delivering 14,700 Watts, fuel consumption is significantly reduced.
  • Maximum Uptime
    Patented E-drive technology removes 17 service able parts for enhanced reliability, increasing uptime to 99.4%.
  • Sustainable Technology
    With fewer moving joints and a hermetic compressor, patented E-drive technology helps to reduce dramatically reduces refrigerant leaks compared to belt-driven technology.


For every mission, there is a Vector.


Your mission requires long haul temperature control transport and distribution with frequent door opening?


The Vector 1550 unit combines efficient patented E-Drive technology with an economizer. Ready to handle a wide range of logistical challenges with low cost of ownership and a balances capacity of 14,700 Watts.


The Vector 1550 unit is equipped with E-drive technology. Benefiting from the economizer capacity boost, the hermetic compressor has been downsized enabling a reduction in engine size.